Celebrating Clear Ice and Creativity

Celebrating Clear Ice and Creativity

Welcome to Clear Ice Week!! a chilly celebration that brings together the coolest crafters in the world of mixology! We’ve chosen to mark this frosty occasion by interviewing four incredible artisans, each with a unique story to tell. Let the ice puns begin as we chip into the world of clear ice with our fantastic guests.


Meet Robin better known on social media as @Thehousemouse, a skilled cocktail maker whose mixology expertise meets a passion for storytelling. Inspired by a trip to Japan, where she experienced the beauty of transparent ice, Robin started on her clear ice journey. Her favorite craft drink? The "Cardboard Plane"  is a delightful concoction that includes Carefree Bourbon, Cointreau, Amaro Meletti, lemon juice, and grape juice.

Don't miss out on her journey and the others; we have more on their story on our Instagram page!

CEO & Founder Chase Haider

Chase, the passionate owner and founder of Klaris, a visionary in the world of clear ice. Chase shares a heartwarming personal story …..his proposal to his wife, where he froze a fake ring into an ice cube and popped the question with a surprise twist. Beyond the sentiment, Chase also said his favorite ice joke: "What did the Klaris cube say to the warm liquor at the home bar? You crack me up." It's this kind of creativity that makes him not just an entrepreneur but a clear ice enthusiast.

Andrew aka @Thehumblegarnish

Andrew, the creative force behind @thehumblegarnish, is a professional photographer and mixology aficionado. His go-to craft drink is the negroni, especially when showcasing perfect ice. Speaking of ice, his Oaxacan Old Fashioned is a must-try!! A true artist, Andrew not only captures icy visuals but also generously shares his knowledge through insightful tips and curated cocktail recipes. His dedication to all things ice and mixology shines through his lens.


Our final crafter is Ryan, the mastermind behind @reallyicetomeetyou, a passionate home bartender and clear ice aficionado. His favorite creation? A viral video featuring hand-carved ice with intricate designs using The Ice Designer. This video garnered over 10 million views on Instagram alone!! A sign of Ryan's skill and creativity.

As Clear Ice Week comes to a close, we raise our glasses to these incredible crafters who have shared their stories, recipes and passion for clear ice. May your drinks stay cold, your ice clear and your celebrations filled with craft and creativity. As always, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter below so you don’t miss out on the next icy deals and insights. Cheers to the art of clear ice!!


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