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General Questions

How does Klaris work?

Traditional ice freezes from all sides, trapping impurities and dissolved gases in the center, creating “cloudy ice.” Klaris utilizes directional freezing to build ice layer by layer from the bottom up, pushing impurities to the surface, resulting in stunningly transparent ice cubes. The machine makes 4 – 2" cubes/run enabling 8 cubes/day of clear ice making. Check out our blog for more info on the Klaris ice maker and process.

Does the machine store the ice? What is the best way for me to build up a stash? 

Klaris is not intended to be an indefinite ice storage device. Once the ice has grown to full height, the machine will hold the ice just below freezing for 6 hours. We recommend retrieving your ice within the first 0-3 hours for the best results. The ice can be used immediately or stored in the freezer, preferably with a Klaris storage container to maintain quality. To build up a stash, we recommend running the machine twice per day for a total of 8 – 2" cubes.

Does Klaris use refrigeration? How environmentally friendly is this method?  

For cooling, Klaris does not use refrigeration but instead runs on thermoelectric technology. This method avoids the use of hazardous and ozone-depleting refrigerants. Klaris also enables one to create craft ice directly in their home using tap water and electricity avoiding unnecessary emissions and packaging waste from ice delivery.

What is craft ice? Why is it better?  

Craft ice is the foundation of any drink, be it an old fashioned, coffee or water. Klaris cubes are a form of craft ice. They are... 

  • Pure - Impurities and air bubbles are eliminated and won’t trap smells/tastes.
  • Slow Melting - less dilution and longer lasting drinks.
  • Clear – looks absolutely stunning in any drink.

Why is Klaris different from the ice made in a freezer using silicone molds or cooler? 

Klaris is an external, counter-top device that conserves precious freezer space, speeds up not only the freezing times by 2-3x but also the clean up and harvest process, making it fun and easy to create the most beautiful and functional ice at home.

Why does the process take so long? 

Klaris uses directional freezing to create clarity and eliminate impurities from the cubes. This process traditionally takes 18-36 hours. Klaris is 2-3x faster than other comparable craft ice solutions, producing 4 - 2” cubes in 8-12 hours. Learn more about the technical challenges of creating the perfect cube here.

Is special water needed to make clear ice? 

In most cases, tap water is just fine to use with your Klaris clear ice maker. The machine's directional freezing and active agitation are the biggest drivers of clarity.

For the best results, we recommend using distilled water or water with <100ppm of total dissolved solids. Please note that most home water filters are good at removing heavy metals and odors but not minerals. High concentration of minerals can result in cloudiness in your cubes.

Check out our blog for more info on water quality and craft ice.

What ice shapes do you offer?

Right now, we offer 2” cubes.  These cubes can be post processed into several different shapes including spheres, shards, crushed and diamonds. We are constantly testing new ice shapes and hope to release more soon.

Can the machine be used outside? Where do you recommend it to be used? 

Like all cooling technologies, the warmer the ambient temperature, the poorer the cooling efficiency and performance. Klaris is intended for indoor use only and works best in environments between 68-72F. We recommend the device has greater than 8” of clearance on all sides and is placed away from drafty areas or small, closed off rooms.

Do you ship outside the US? 

Currently we only offer Klaris in the US. In 2024, we are working with our logistics partners to expand into Canada. For availability/timing in other countries, please sign up for our newsletter and follow along on our Instagram or Facebook for updates.

  • Fill

    Fill tray with water to line. Avoid under/over fill.

  • Place

    Place tray in ice maker. Close and select run.

  • Freeze

    Push knob to begin freezing. Return in 8-10 hours.

  • Remove

    Remove tray from ice maker. Drain residual water.

  • Enjoy!

    Push ice out of tray. Store extra cubes and enjoy!

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