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How does Klaris work?

Traditional ice freezes from all sides, trapping impurities and dissolved gases in the center, creating “cloudy ice.” Klaris utilizes directional freezing to build ice layer by layer from the bottom up, pushing impurities to the surface, resulting in stunningly transparent ice cubes.

How many cubes can I make per cycle and per day?

Klaris makes 4 cubes/cycle enabling 8 cubes/day of clear ice making.

What is the best way for me to build up my craft ice stash?

Ice should be removed from the tray and placed in a Klaris storage container to stock up your freezer. A plastic bag can also be used but beware your ice may chip or freeze together!

Does Klaris use refrigeration?

Klaris uses thermoelectric technology for cooling instead of refrigeration. Klaris is free of hazardous and ozone depleting refrigerants.

Why is clear craft ice better?

It’s pure! Impurities and air bubbles can trap smells in standard ice.

Large ice is slow melting, meaning less dilution for your drink.

It’s beautiful - go ahead, show off that cocktail.

Why does the process take so long?

Klaris uses directional freezing to push out impurities from the cubes.

This process traditionally takes anywhere from 18-36 hours using other methods of freezing. The growth rate decreases as the cube size increases.

Klaris is 2-3x faster than other comparable craft ice solutions.

How long will my cubes last in the freezer?

We recommend using your cubes within the first few weeks of making.

However, with sufficient storage solutions, Klaris cubes can last up to a year in the freezer.

For the best storage results, we recommend using our Klaris storage container sold separatly.

Is it normal for my cubes to look frosty out of the freezer?

Yes. Frosty build up is to be expected on cubes that are stored in the freezer.

To avoid cracking, don't forget to temper the cube for 2-3 minutes before using.

Why is my cube cracking when I pour my drink?

Cracking occurs when an ice cube has not tempered long enough. Tempering allows the ice to acclimate to new temperatures outside of the freezer. To temper ice, remove ice from the freezer, and allow to sit in your glass for 2-3 minutes before submerging in or pouring your beverage. However, cubes directly from the ice maker are ready for use immediately.

Why is Klaris different than the silicone molds on the market today?

Klaris is a dedicated device made especially for craft ice production, using directional freezing. Klaris uses an external, counter-top device and conserves precious freezer space, and speeds up freezing times by 2-3x.

Is special water needed to make ice?

No. Tap water directly from your sink is fine and is actually preferred.

Despite various myths, distilled or boiled water does not have an impact on the clarity of your ice.

The directional freezing process creates a crystal clear craft cube regardless of the water you use.

  • Fill

    Fill tray with water to line. Avoid under/over fill.

  • Place

    Place tray in ice maker. Close and select run.

  • Freeze

    Push knob to begin freezing. Return in 8-10 hours.

  • Remove

    Remove tray from ice maker. Drain residual water.

  • Enjoy!

    Push ice out of tray. Store extra cubes and enjoy!

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