Operating Tips for the Klaris Ice Maker

Operating Tips for the Klaris Ice Maker

Tray Set Up 

Install Inserts

  • The two inserts provided with the tray can be installed before or after the tray is filled with water. These inserts are essential to clear ice. Please do not forget to install the inserts.  . 

Install inserts for clear craft ice

Fill With Water

  • Fill the tray to the “Fill Line” using room temperature water. Do not over or under fill the tray.  
    • Underfilling can limit agitation from the mixer, resulting in cloudy ice. 
    • Overfilling can lead to water overflow during the ice making process.  Excess water between the freeze chamber and tray can freeze, making it difficult to remove the tray from the machine at the end of the process. 
  • After filling, dry the bottom of the tray.   
    • Excess water on the bottom of the tray can make it difficult to remove the tray from the machine at the end of the process 

      Fill tray for clear craft ice

      Remove Air Bubbles

      • Using a utensil/muddler/blunt object, tap the bottom of each well to ensure the insert is flush with the bottom and no air bubbles are entrained under the insert. Note use of sharp objects can damage the tray and inserts.  
        • Large, entrapped air bubbles can impact the freeze time and clarity of the ice. 
        • If bubbles are observed on the outside of cubes, verify that all bubbles are removed from the tray side walls before starting the process. Direct filling of trays from an aerated faucet can be a source of bubbles.  

          Removing bubbles for clear craft ice

          Machine Set Up 

          • With the machine power off, open the lid and verify that the cold plate is dry and no debris is in the freeze chamber. If the cold plate is wet, remove any moisture. 
            • Excess water on the cold plate can make it difficult to remove the tray from the machine at the end of the process 
          • Plug the machine into a wall outlet. The screen will illuminate with the Klaris logo then advance to the “Idle – Press to Start” screen. 
            • After ten minutes in an idle state, the machine will go into sleep mode and turn off the screen. Rotate the knob to reactivate the screen.  

          Starting Ice Maker

          Install the Tray 

          • Open the lid and carefully place the tray assembly into the freeze chamber of the machine, then close the lid.
            • If water is accidentally spilled inside the freeze chamber during the install process, remove the tray, power down the machine, and dry the cold plate and bottom of the tray. 

              Loading clear craft ice maker

              Press Start

              • Press the knob on the “Idle – Press to Start” screen to begin the process
                • The screen will transition to "Chilling."
                • The operating cooling system and mixer will be audible. 

              Starting clear craft ice making process

              Process progress

              Clear craft ice making process
              • Progress of ice making will be displayed via the screen. Ice making typically takes 8-12 hours.  
                • Do not open the lid during operation as this will disturb the clear ice making process and create an error. 
                • If needed to cancel a run, the knob can be rotated to the "Press to Cancel" screen.  If cancel is selected, the machine will shut down and the user will be prompted to remove the tray from the machine and empty the contents.  Do not try and restart the process with ice already in the tray. 
              • Once ice is detected at the proper height, the machine will transition into a hold state and display “Ice Ready.”  The user will have up to 6 hours to retrieve the ice. 
              • The cycle will end when the user opens the lid or selects to cancel the run. 
                • Note that a longer hold cycle can cause deformations on the top of the cubes. 
              • If the ice is not retrieved within the 6 hour hold cycle, a "Timeout" screen will appear.  Timeout notifies the user that ice is no longer being actively cooled.  It will slowly melt from the bottom up. The cubes are still good to use but may be smaller in size. Do not restart the process after a "Timeout" without first removing the tray from the machine and emptying its' contents.

                  Harvesting the Klaris Cubes 

                  Open the lid

                  • When the “Ice Ready” screen is displayed, the user can lift the lid to begin the ice harvesting process.  
                    • A slight resistance may be noticed when opening the top.  This is normal as the ice sensing probe can be slightly embedded in one of the cubes.  If the resistance is high, cancel the run and allow 10 minutes before trying to lift the lid again.  If the resistance still exists, please reach out to Klaris for product support. This may prevent damage to the machine.  

                  Opening lid craft ice making

                    Remove Tray from the Machine

                    • Once the lid is lifted, the machine will stop actively cooling the ice, allowing the user to remove the tray. 
                      • When removing the tray some resistance may be experienced.  The tray and cold plate are slightly frozen together and by opening the lid thawing of these surfaces will occur.  
                      • Allow the tray 1 to 2 minutes to thaw from the freeze chamber after the lid is opened and before removing the tray.

                    Removing tray clear ice maker

                        Remove water from the Tray

                        • Once the tray is removed from the machine, drain the excess water from the top of the trayThis water contains the impurities removed to make clear ice.  

                        Water Removal Craft Ice Making

                        Remove cubes from the Tray

                        • Place the tray upside down on a flat, clean surfacePress on the bottom of the outside of each well of the trayIf ice does not pop out easily, allow further thawing for 2 to 3 minutes and retry cube removal.  

                        Popping out clear craft ice from tray

                        Peal cubes from the inserts

                        • Peal the cubes away from the inserts and save the inserts for reuse.  
                          • Bending the cubes away from the center of the insert is recommended.  This should cleanly remove cubes from the insert. 
                          • One cube may contain an indentation caused by the ice sensing probe. This is normal.  
                          • If a longer hold cycle was used, the top surface of the cubes may not be smooth.  
                        Peal clear craft ice from inserts


                        • Enjoy your cubes and/or store in a container.

                        Clear craft ice

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