First Run Video

Watch the video to see a full run through on how to get started with your new Klaris Clear Ice Maker today.

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Insert Installation

Inserts are critical to clear ice creation and poor installation can lead to cloudy ice. Watch the video for best installation practices.

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Tray & Insert Cleaning

Clean your Klaris trays and inserts before the first run and after every 5-10 runs. Impurity build up on the surfaces can lead to cloudy ice. Watch the video for best cleaning practices.

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Technical FAQ

My ice maker is taking longer than 10 hours. Is this normal?

Recommended freeze time is 8-12 hours per run. This assumes an ambient temperature of ~70F. A hotter ambient temperature leads to a longer freezing time. During the summer, the observed freeze time can increase 0-3 hours from normal run times. Even with air conditioning set to 70-72F, we have observed that the average temperature is closer to 74-76F. To learn more, read our blog on Ambient Temperature and Freeze Times.

Some suggestions: 

  1. Ensure at least 8” of clearance on all sides of the machine. 
  2. Do not place machine in direct sunlight.  
  3. Avoid rooms/areas with warmer temperatures, drafts or large temperature fluctuations.
  4. Use pre-cooled water from the fridge to reduce cycle times by 30-45 minutes.  

If freeze times are consistently above 12 hours after these improvements/considerations, reach out for additional support. 

How do I know if I have a leaky tray?

Due to wear and tear from use, the tray may develop a small leak over time. Symptoms of a leaky tray include: 

  • Excessive water in the freeze chamber after each cycle.  
  • Difficulty removing the tray from the machine (excessive force or long thaw times needed to remove).
  • Cloudy ice and/or no pool of water on top of the cubes at the end of a run.
  • Ice overgrowth.

If you suspect you have a leaky tray, dry the outside of the tray completely. Fill the tray with water to the “Fill Line” then place on a dry paper towel. After 2 hours, review the paper towel for moisture. If the towel is wet, analyze the tray further for a leak. If confirmed, please reach out to support for a replacement tray. 

Why is the lid so difficult to open?

The ice may freeze above the tray cross beam and ice sensor and into the mixer freezing the lid shut. Two symptoms of this event are the “Mixer Frozen” error and/or the lid not opening freely. If you experience significant resistance, DO NOT FORCE OPEN as there is risk of breaking the ice sensor and/or mixer. Please unplug the machine and let the ice thaw for 2-4 hours then you can try and re-open. If met with significant resistance again, allow for another 2-4 hours of thawing. If the lid freezes shut multiple cycles in a row, please contact support for more troubleshooting help.

How long does the machine store my ice? What does the "Timeout" error mean.

The hold cycle begins once the ice sensor registers ice at the desired height. During this cycle, the screen will display “Ice Ready” and the ice is cooled from the bottom just below freezing temperature for 6 hours. The user can harvest the ice at any time during this cycle. It is recommended to harvest the ice within 0-3 hours to minimize the deformation of the top surface of the cubes (wavy/slanted).

After the 6-hour mark, if the ice has not been harvested, a “Timeout” alarm will appear on the screen. The machine stops actively cooling and the ice begins melt. The ice will still be clear and perfectly good to use!

What does the "Mixer Frozen" message mean and what do I do?

The “Mixer Frozen” alarm will display when the mixing motor in the lid is inhibited in some way from spinning properly. To clear the alarm, press the knob or power cycle the machine.

This error can occur due to ice overgrowth, interference with an object like the tray inserts, a broken motor and/or a faulty electrical sensor.

Things to consider:

  • Ensure no ice is in the tray before starting a cycle. Starting a cycle with ice in the tray can lead to overgrowth. If this occurs, the lid may be difficult to open. DO NOT FORCE OPEN (see "lid difficult to open" above for more details).
  • Verify that the inserts are fully seated at the bottom of the tray and the tray is properly seated in the freeze chamber of the ice machine.
  • With the machine unplugged, verify the mixer/impeller can be freely spun by hand.
  • During a cycle, listen for any abnormal noises or lack of noise from the mixer.

In either case, if this error occurs multiple runs in a row, please reach out to customer support for further assistance.  

Why is the tray difficult to remove from the machine?

The tray should be easy to remove from the freeze chamber. Moisture between the tray and freeze chamber can freeze and/or trap the tray. Excessive force should not be necessary to remove the tray from the machine. Allowing (5-15 minutes) for thawing will always make removal easier. 

Possible causes 

  • Humidity results in condensation that freezes in between the tray and machine. Move machine to a less humid environment.
  • Water spilled into freeze chamber prior to tray being fully seated. Using a towel, dry the outside of the tray and inside of the freeze chamber before each use.
  • Tray filled above “Fill Line." An overfilled tray leads to water spillage between the tray and freeze chamber. 
  • Leaky tray (See section above) 

In any case, allowing more time for the tray to dethaw from the freeze chamber will always make it easier to remove.

Why are the cubes difficult to remove from the tray?

The cubes may be difficult to remove immediately after the tray is removed from the machine. Some things to try 

  • Allow 5-10 minutes for cubes to dethaw from tray/inserts.
  • Turn the tray upside down and run room temperature water over it for 30 seconds. 

How do I request/order replacement parts?

Tray and/or inserts that are broken/lost/spares can be purchased online. Please reach out to customer support if the accessory has become defective within the 3 month accessory warranty window. If you do not see a replacement part for what you need, please reach out to customer support for further assistance.

Why are the bottoms of all 4 of my cubes consistently cloudy?

Whisps or small inclusions around the edges, faces or corners can occur from run to run appearing on a couple of cubes. Consistently seeing issues on all 4 cubes?

  • Dirty Tray/Insert. Clean with warm water and dish soap before first use and every 5-10 runs after.
  • Water not up to "Fill Line" of tray.
  • Inserts not installed or pushed down all the way.  See Operating Tips blog post for more info. 
  • Poor water quality (high mineral content) makes it difficult to start the ice growing process. Try different water sources (tap, filtered & bottled, aerated & still). Read more about water quality and clear ice making here
  • Mixer not mixing. If the mixer is not heard ramping up at the start of a run it may be the issue. 
  • Bad tray/insert combination/orientation. Please try changing the orientation between the inserts and tray. 

If all other avenues have been explored and issues persist, please reach out for additional support. 

I started a run and when I returned to the machine the screen was blank. What happened?

For protection, the machine has an internal reset. This can be triggered by electrical noise/power surge. When a reset occurs, it returns to an idle state and will go into sleep mode (nothing displayed on screen). If you return to your machine after starting a run and the screen is blank, open the lid and remove the contents of the tray. There may be partial cubes or just water in the tray. Recommendations to alleviate this problem:

  • Change wall outlets/breakers. 
  • Use a surge protector.  
  • Power cycle your machine by unplugging it for a few hours 
  • Move machine to a cooler environment.  

If your machine encounters this issue multiple runs in a row, please reach out for additional support.

I did a run but when it was complete there was just water or partial cubes in the tray. What happened?

You may encounter a situation where the ice machine seems to have finished its run, but the ice cubes are shorter (less than 1") than you anticipated or non-existent. If you notice a blank screen or the "Time out" alarm on the machine before harvesting the ice, refer to the sections above for troubleshooting steps. If the screen displays “Ice Ready,” here are a few things to try:   

  • Remove ice, run another cycle and see if the issue repeats.
  • Move machine to a cooler ambient environment with no temperature fluctuations. 
  • Review ice sensor and insulated sleeve for damage or air gaps.
  • Ensure accidental opening of the lid during the "Freezing" cycle does not occur. 
  • Harvest ice within the first 0-3 hours of the "Ice Ready" phase.

If partial cubes happen multiple runs in a row, please reach out to support for additional help. 

What are best practices for ice storage? How long do Klaris cubes last in the freezer and why are they cloudy when I take them out? 

The ice can be used immediately or stored in the freezer, preferably with a Klaris storage container to maintain quality. We recommend using your cubes within the first few weeks of making but they will maintain their clarity for months/years if stored properly. It is normal for ice cubes to develop a frosty layer in the freezer. This can be fixed by drying your cubes with a towel before placing into the freezer. When it's time to use the stored cubes, don’t forget to let the ice temper before placing into liquid. Tempering helps the ice acclimate to room temperature, avoid cracking and remove the thin, cloudy outer layer.

Instruction Manual + Safety Guide

Important instructions and safeguards can be found in the maunal included in your order packaging. Read about the operation, care + cleaning, services and warranty of your new Klaris Ice Maker.


Get to know your Klaris Clear Craft Ice Maker

Break the ice and get to know your Klaris Craft Ice Maker. The marketing booklet included in your order packaging takes you step-by-step through the set up process to cube completion and includes our favorite recipes, FAQs and more.