Chase’s Trip of Connection and Collaboration

Chase’s Trip of Connection and Collaboration

Chase's expedition to Shanghai held a heavy significance, as it marked the first time he met, in person, the manufacturers who had been instrumental in bringing Klaris to life over the past two years. The trip was more than just a business visit; it was an opportunity to forge deeper connections for him and gain valuable insights into what the production process looks like and make sure that a seamless flow stays intact moving forward.

Meeting the Manufacturers

During his visit, Chase had the chance to witness production firsthand, providing him clarity on a lingering number of questions and ensuring alignment on key aspects of manufacturing. Getting to see that process was eye-opening and their dedication for excellence was inspiring. Discussions and onsite visits with key component suppliers brought a deeper understanding of Klaris’ intricate workings and solidified the partnership between Chase and our manufacturer.

Small Business Bonds

One of the most important takeaways from the trip was the realization that despite cultural differences, human experiences are universals. Conversations ranged from work-life balance to shared hobbies and family stories, highlighting the importance of building relationships beyond the manufacturing floor for long-term success. These moments of connection created a sense of trust and camaraderie, laying a strong foundation for future collaboration for Chase.

This experience gave a new perspective to what entrepreneurship looks like. Over meals shared with the manufacturing team on a traditional Chinese round dining table, stories of humble beginnings and decade-long evolution resonated deeply. It was more than just business; it was a family coming together to celebrate growth and mutual respect. Through these interactions, Chase gained valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of small businesses, which made the relationship between Klaris and its manufacturing partner even stronger.


A Snapshot into Daily Life

Chase's days in China followed a rhythm played by time zones and meetings. Mornings started around 5:00am to get in touch with family back home. Breakfast, with a side of catching up on email, followed with his friend Jack, who also happened to be in Shanghai visiting the same manufacturer for another project.

The two of them would be picked up at 8:15 a.m each day and driven to the factory. Working out of a conference room, coffee helped fuel Chase during brainstorming sessions with the project manager, decision making on new samples produced the day before, coordinating supplier visits with the greater team and keeping a detailed log of everything discussed.

Breaks were filled with different meals and games of ping pong which offered moments of relaxation given the busy schedule and the occasional energizing cans of Coca-cola. Despite the demanding nature of the trip, they were able to find moments of joy and connection in exploring the city and experiencing its vibrant culture during the evening hours.

From witnessing production in action to exploring the vibrant cityscape, every moment was filled with learning and inspiration. As Klaris continues to innovate, the trip laid the groundwork for exciting developments and for the collaborations that we have coming up this year. Coming back with a renewed sense of purpose, Chase returned from China with a clear vision for Klaris’ future, eager to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional work to our community. 


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