From Freezing to Serving- What's Ice Tempering?

From Freezing to Serving- What's Ice Tempering?

Ever wonder why your drink tastes so much better when the cubes are fresh out of the machine? It’s all about the process, from the moment the ice is made to when it ends up in your glass. Ice tempering is a neat trick that can change your entire experience and today we’re teaching you all about it.

When our right-hand companion, Klaris, finishes crafting those crystal clear cubes, they’re pre-tempered and ready to be the star of your drink. You might notice they’re slightly “wet” on the outside which is normal and they’re good to serve immediately or store away for later use.

Pre - tempered out of the machine cube.

But what happens when those cubes hit the cold confines of your freezer? 

  1. Cubes might freeze together forming a solid mass that’s a pain to break apart.
  2. The wetness on the cubes can freeze cloudy.
  3. Your ice might absorb odors and contaminants from the freezer, impacting their taste.
  4. Due to sublimation, where ice turns directly into vapor without melting, cubes can shrink over time.

Frozen cubes, not tempered or stored properly 

This is where ice tempering becomes your best friend. To make sure your ice stays in prime condition for your next refreshment, here are some tips and tricks for long-term storage and use: 

  • Before tossing them into the freezer, give your cubes a quick towel-dry to remove excess moisture
  • When it’s time to use them, let the cubes temper for 2-4 minutes at room temperature before pouring your beverage over them.
  • If you notice any excess buildup on the outside of your Klaris cube even after tempering, simply run it under cold water to wash it away.
  • Use Klaris storage containers!! They are designed to keep the quality of your ice, keep cubes separate and sealed which prevents odor absorption and clumping


 Tempered cubes cloudy without proper storage and single cube stored and tempered correctly side by side

With these simple steps, you can make sure that every sip is just as refreshing and flavorful as the first. Cheers to perfectly tempered ice and the delightful drinks they're in!!

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