Holiday Hosting With Klaris

Holiday Hosting With Klaris

The holidays are upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with Klaris, your frosty right hand in elevating your festivities? Klaris was designed for home entertainment and crafted to make your gatherings an experience to remember. This blog will have you as the host of the season with advice on how to build up your ice stash, properly store and temper Klaris cubes before use, add designs with stamps and generate ideas for Holiday recipes from one of our favorite crafters and an AI companion. Let's get crafty!

Building Up Your Ice Stash

Forget the low quality silicone molds or cumbersome cooler method, Klaris makes it easy to craft crystal-clear ice right at home this holiday season. With a production volume of 8 - 2" cubes per day, Klaris is your craft ice solution for any type of gathering with the appropriate planning. For larger gatherings or multiple hosting events, we recommended making ice a few days ahead of time and storing the excess ice in your freezer. We've found that starting one cycle around 8am and another around 8pm works best for a busy schedule. With its set and forget it workflow, Klaris gives you flexibility to go about your day or slumber while keeping you ice pristine until you are ready to retrieve it.

Storing and Tempering Klaris Cubes Before Use

Storage of Clear, Craft Ice - Container Tray

For ice storage, we recommended grabbing a pack of our storage containers to keep your cubes in excellent shape and sealed from freezer smells. They stack together for efficient storage in your freezer and keep the cubes separated from each other to avoid damage. You can learn more about the various storage options on our blog, Klaris Labs.

Don't forget to temper your ice before use! Ice right out of your Klaris is okay to use immediately but ice stored in your freezer will need some time to acclimate to room temperature before pouring a liquid over it. If you aren't patient, your beautiful, crystal clear cube will crack, creating spider webs inside. Learn more about tempering your Klaris cubes here.

Adding designs to your Ice

Using an ice plate or custom stamp, you can imprint your ice with holiday designs, initials, mini works of art and symbols. Anything you can think of with Klaris cubes can be a reality. Your beverage can have that touch of luxury with clear craft ice with the hosts' stamp of approval. Read our ice stamping blog for more detailed tips, tricks and ideas.


Generating Holiday Recipes 

BarGPT: We’ve been playing around with BarGPT, the bartender, powered by AI, that will generate ideas for a drink based on 2-3 words of what you’re craving. Along with stunning photos, you get recipes and foolproof instructions so you can create custom drinks for your holiday events that’ll leave jaws on the floor. We made a couple but our favorite was an Oak old fashioned with clear ice!!Klaris Crafters: There's no one better than our crafters that specialize in mixology to tell you all about what's trending this holiday season. One of our favorites is @Verygooddrinks. They transform each recipe and make it their own while teaching you how to incorporate it at home. One added bonus: they use the same crystal-clear Klaris cubes as you, so you know it's going to be one mesmerizing drink! 

      Tis the season to celebrate with Klaris by your side. Now that you have the insights on creating your ice stash, storing and tempering Klaris cubes and adding some personalization, you’re ready to create everlasting memories and drinks that sparkle with every sip!!

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