Tom Collins' Crafty Chronicles

Tom Collins' Crafty Chronicles

In the world of cocktails, the Tom Collins stands as a prominent symbol of mixology excellence, blending creativity with tradition. This classic cocktail, part of the esteemed Collins family, is characterized by its refreshing combination of spirits, sugar, citrus and the carbonation of soda water, all served over ice in a tall glass. With our blog on Craft Ice you can learn how important it is to have the perfect ice for each recipe and how it affects it. The origins of the Tom Collins, like many recipes, are sewn into fascinating tales and historical whispers. This concoction finds its roots in the gin punches that gained popularity during the early 19th century.

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Beyond its visual aesthetic, Tom’s tall ice cube lies in their precision. They enhance the flavors, allowing the gin to mix well with citrus notes and the subtle sweetness of simple syrup. The gradual melts of the elongated ice cubes adds an element of grace to the cocktail, transforming each sip into a delightful journey, revealing layers of complex flavors. With its lower alcohol content and gentle carbonation, The Tom Collins pioneered the concept of long drinks, making them enjoyable over extended periods of time and setting a standard for refreshment. 

Collins Glass vs Highball

The distinction between highball and Collins glasses, although often overlooked, lies in their design and intended use. Stemming from the classic Tom Collins and John Collins cocktails, the Collins glass, taller and occasionally broader, is crafted for its elaborate mixed drinks featuring ingredients like lemon and sugar elevating the cocktails depth and flavor profile. On the other hand the Highball glass, originating in Ireland, emphasizes simplicity, perfect for timeless classics such as a gin and tonic with just gin and tonic water. Beyond their size, their tall towering forms ensure precise interaction with the ice cubes, reducing surface area and minimizing clinking, effectively slowing down the melting process. With their narrower openings preserving the carbonation, these glasses represent the art of maintaining the perfect chill, ensuring your cocktail experience is not only refreshing but also delightfully elegant.

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As you raise your glass to savor the timeless taste of Tom Collins, remember the artistry behind its creation and the elegance encapsulated within its crystal walls. Cheers to the enduring legacy of a cocktail that embodies the essence of mixology excellence and elegance. Remember to sign up for our newsletter for special deals, early access and much more!!

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