Klaris Crafters

Klaris Crafters

The Klaris Crafter Community is a vibrant and growing group where creativity knows no bounds and crafting finds its true home. This partnership is more than just a collaboration, its a celebration of artistry and innovation. Our goal is to forge deep connections with individuals whose values align seamlessly with Klaris. We believe in empowering creative voices, allowing it to resonate authentically with different audiences while showcasing the unparalleled capabilities of Klaris ice. Let's introduce you to a few extraordinary crafters we've had the pleasure of working with.

Meet the Crafters

Zach Johnston, a coffee brewing genius who recently started incorporating Klaris cubes into his craft has transformed the coffee experience into an extraordinary affair. His latest craft, a Maple rum mocktail, has left us chilly.

Next up we have Sayhellotomypeatedfriend. With a penchant for whiskey wisdom, Igor continues to elevate the cocktail game making every sip memorable with Klaris cubes.

We also have TheHumbleGarnish - a master of cocktail recipes and photography. Andrew adds a touch of elegance to beverages, turning each craft into a work of art. Recently he did a review and Q&A session with our very own CEO Chase Haider.

Another favorite innovator of ours is Jean-Felix Desfosses, the Einstein behind truffleontherocks. He is constantly raising the bar and an inspirational force for anything cocktail and bites. 

To wrap it up, we have whiskey_with, a whiskey aficionado. Ron is the essence of the world of spirits, constantly crafting innovative concoctions that’ll take your breath away!

Craft Your Way into Excitement! 

With unwavering support from Klaris, crafters get to expand their reach like never before. Perks include:

  • Your own Klaris
  • Early access to new products
  • Ability to earn commissions
  • Grow your audience with features on our website, emails and blogs
  • Access to exclusive events
  • Opportunities to host Klaris giveaways for your community

Crafting Your Path to Success

So how can you become a part of this exciting journey? It's simple! Start by submitting your application through the contact form, share your social media handles and what kind of creator you are. Whether you're a traditional blogger, social media influencer or just a passionate customer all crafters are welcome to apply. Once we receive your application a member of the Klaris team will reach out to you for a short screening and introduction call. This is your chance to shine and let us get to know you better so join our community! 

We have a lot in store before we wrap up this year so sign up for our newsletter below and stay ahead of the game, cheers!!

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