Klaris Shines as MN Cup Semifinalists

Klaris Shines as MN Cup Semifinalists

Becoming a Semifinalist for MN cup is no small feat, Klaris made waves recently by joining this year's Semifinals for the renowned MN cup competition alongside 89 companies beating a record number of applications and participants of 3,052.

MN Cup Competition

Mn Cup is an initiative driven by the community and created through a collaboration between corporations, foundations and dedicated volunteers. Its primary focus lies in supporting the entrepreneurial journey of Minnesota's very own entrepreneurs. At the center of this Cup's activities is an annual competition designed to engage emerging entrepreneurs from all corners of the state, facilitating their access to essential resources, tools and assistance required to launch and expedite the growth of their innovative ventures.

This competition serves as a catalyst, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within participants and propelling them on their startup journey. It provides invaluable guidance in developing a comprehensive business plan, while offering exposure for their innovative ideas. It also creates numerous opportunities for expanding professional networks, collaboration and growth.

As proud participants and Semifinalists in the MN Cup, we are excited to be part of this journey alongside our peers. Our focus areas for improvement in this competition are Marketing and Pitch, where we work to enhance our strategies and delivery. The competition features nine categories, each with ten exceptional companies. We are honored to be part of the general category, showcasing the versatility and potential of our company.

With our Semifinalist status secured, we eagerly anticipate the next steps in this competition. The top three finalists will be selected, and ultimately, a grand prize winner will be chosen from each category. Being part of this journey has not only provided us with a platform to showcase our company and gain invaluable feedback from industry experts, but it has also opened doors for networking and collaboration opportunities. Although this competition has presented its challenges, we have embraced them as opportunities to learn, grow, innovate, and strengthen our position in the market.

Stay tuned for updates on the competition and what Klaris is up to next!


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