Matcha Madness: Crafting Matcha Masterpieces

Matcha Madness: Crafting Matcha Masterpieces

Coffee is overrated in march, especially with all the chaos, the caffeine boost you deserve needs to be refreshing and relaxing. That's why matcha was put to use and became a sensation in the 12th century. A monk realized that the dried leaves powdered form of green tea helped him meditate by putting him in a state of calm alertness. Matcha became sewn into important parts of Chinese and Japanese history and is still offered in temple practices. One thing that transferred over from Japanese tea ceremonies was the benefits of matcha to western cultures. Through simplified forms, we now consume and get to use ceremonial grade matcha everyday. 

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As a matcha enthusiast, you know when your cup doesn't taste or look right. Everything from the scent, color and texture matters when it comes to matcha. Which is why it's important to get yours from communities that source ingredients ethically with traditional japanese farmers and follow the right grinding process. At Klaris, we use Matcha.Com and Mighty Leaf Matcha because of their renowned ceremonial grade teas, kits and recognition of their work with local farmers.

Making matcha at home is not as scary as it sounds and can be relaxing like the drink itself. We have tips and easy recipes for you to follow so you can chill out for a bit and make this a routine that wraps up or your week or starts it on a good note. To get started, the only specialty tool you need is a bamboo matcha whisk or a frother.

It's only right that the first recipe is just an iced matcha. This is matcha in it’s  simplest form, you can even skip the milk part of this recipe and enjoy your perfect cup,

         Recipe & Instructions 

2 tsp matcha Whisk matcha and hot water 
3 oz hot water   Add Klaris ice 
Klaris cube Pour mixture over ice 
Milk of choice ( we used oat )  Add milk & serve


This next one is a bit of a jump, but we're sure you can keep up. We call this recipe, Blueberry Dream. To make the foam and syrup mentioned, first crush blueberries and add water into a pan, while that heats up, add 3 tbsp of sugar on low heat and let that simmer for 5 minutes. Now that you have your blueberry syrup, add in 1/4 of a cup of syrup to 1 cup of heavy cream and whisk!


                         Recipe & Instructions

2.5 tsp matcha Whisk matcha & hot water
3 oz hot water Add Klaris cube to cup
Klaris ice Add matcha mixture
Blueberry syrup  Pour in Blueberry syrup 
Blueberry foam Pour in milk
Milk of choice Add Blueberry foam
0.5 tsp matcha & 2 blueberries  Dust off matcha on top of foam and add blueberries for garnish. Serve!

Up next? our personal favorite, An Iced Cardamom Ginger Matcha. A simple yet perfect mixture of spices that definitely keeps the Monday scaries away. 

                      Recipe & Instructions 

2 tsp matcha Whisk matcha & hot milk
2 oz hot milk Add Klaris cube to cup
Klaris ice Pour in syrup
Ginger syrup Pour in hot mixture and let cool 
Cardamom foam Add foam
0.5 tsp matcha & ground spices Garnish with spices and dust matcha. Serve!
*Both ginger syrup and cardamom foam were made the same way the as the Blueberry ingredients.

For the last drink, a fun spring twist called Strawberry Cloud. A refreshing sweet creamy matcha made extra smooth to start the weekend off right. 


                          Recipe & Instructions 

2.5 tsp matcha  Whisk matcha & hot milk
Milk of choice  Add Klaris cube to cup
Strawberry syrup  Mix in syrup to matcha mixture
Strawberry cream Pour mixture over ice
Klaris ice  Add extra milk and pour in cream
0.5 tsp matcha & sliced strawberries Dust matcha on & add strawberries for garnish. Serve!


In the world of matcha, where every detail matters. slow melting ice aka Klaris cubes make sure your drink stays perfectly balanced, maintaining its rich texture and vibrant flavors until you take that last sip. So when you're crafting your matcha masterpiece, remember that even the ice has an important role to play in delivering that moment of earthly bliss.

If you try out any of these recipes, we'd love to hear and see how everything went. For more tips, recipes and exclusive offers straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter below and join us!! 

Cheers to your matcha journey!

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