Meet the Klaris of Today

Meet the Klaris of Today

What does Klaris look like today?  We are where craft ice takes center stage! From humble beginnings in a basement to a dedicated space, Klaris has come a long way, all while curating a culture of excellence and sustainability. Join us as we take you on a journey to discover how Klaris is crafting the future of high-quality ice, one cube at a time.

CEO & Founder of Klaris Chase Haider sat down and answered questions on  the vision behind Klaris, the long-term goals, and the guiding principles driving it towards industry success. 

    1. How do you envision Klaris's future and long-term goals? What values or principles do you believe will guide Klaris towards success in the industry?

At Klaris, our vision is to be synonymous with craft ice across the nation. We want to be the go-to brand for anyone seeking a top-notch ice experience for their craft drinks, no matter where they are. To achieve this, we hold steadfast to a set of values that form the foundation of our success: transparency, kindness, and curiosity. These principles not only guide our interactions with our community but also drive our pursuit of excellence in the industry.

     2. Can you walk us through the process of defining Klaris's vision?

Our journey began with less than satisfactory experiences using silicone molds and store-bought craft ice. As enthusiasts of craft drinks, we set out to find a better solution and started experimenting with a mini block ice machine at home. Then, the unexpected happened: the COVID-19 pandemic hit, prompting people to seek craft experiences in the comfort of their homes since bars and restaurants were no longer accessible.

Recognizing this unmet demand, the idea for Klaris was born. Our goal was simple: to provide a straightforward and accessible solution for making cocktail lounge-quality ice at home, free from any gimmicks. We wanted to enable enthusiasts to savor the true essence of craft drinks without compromise.

   3. What are the next steps that Klaris plans to take to turn the vision into a reality?

To transform our vision into reality, Klaris is committed to the following steps:

  1. Cultivating a Strong Community : We aim to nurture and grow a vibrant community of passionate Klaris users. Their feedback and engagement will be invaluable in shaping our products and driving innovation.

  2. Building Influential Partnerships: We will actively engage with key figures in the cocktail and spirits market to expand our reach and influence within the industry.
  3. Collaborating with Complementary Brands: Exploring partnerships with like-minded brands will allow us to offer enhanced experiences and complementary products to our customers.
  4. Expanding Product Offerings: Our focus is on constantly improving and expanding our product and accessory portfolio to meet the diverse needs of our growing community.

   4. Can you provide an overview of the company's current state, including its culture, values, team dynamics, and recent developments?

At present, Klaris has made significant strides. We had a promising second quarter of sales, which reflects the growing interest in our products. Our journey started in a basement, then moved to an apartment, another basement, and now we finally have a dedicated space to call our own. It's been an exciting and challenging journey, and we cherish every step of it.

Our team dynamics are shaped by a culture of curiosity and commitment to quality. We value every team member's input and foster an environment that encourages exploration and innovation. Currently, we have the privilege of having two talented interns onboard for the summer, and we are eager to welcome our first full-time hires in 2024. We believe in sustainable growth and profitability rather than pursuing growth at any cost. Our emphasis lies in creating a successful and enduring brand.

   5. How will the new space or any other organizational changes support the overall vision and improve the work environment for Klaris?

The dedicated space marks a significant milestone for Klaris. It provides a central location for all team members and activities, facilitating better communication and streamlined operational processes. Consequently, this will lead to improved customer experiences, as our team can focus on delivering excellence in every aspect of our business. As we continue to scale, we will be expanding our team, especially in operations and sales. The addition of talented individuals will enhance our capabilities and allow us to keep up with the increasing demands of our growing customer base.     


With that answer, it brings us to the end of our questions and wraps up the interview.

As a team we are thrilled about Klaris's future prospects, and we are committed to making craft ice an accessible and cherished part of craft drink enthusiasts' lives nationwide. The new space symbolizes a milestone of growth, enabling us to further enrich customer experiences and expand product offerings. We are grateful for the unwavering support of our community, and we look forward to delighting them with more exciting developments in the days to come. Make sure to read The Creative Process Behind Klaris to see where this road began and sign up for our newsletter for updates!! Cheers to the journey ahead! 🍸

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