Building Something Special: Klaris 2023 Recap!!

Building Something Special: Klaris 2023 Recap!!

As we wrap up our year together, we can’t help but look back and reflect on the incredible milestones we hit for Klaris’ journey. This year marked a lot of beginnings for us and it’s only fitting to pause and take it all in. This blog is a bitter sweet one so let’s reminisce together and jump right in!

January: Klaris Launch

Our team stood on the greatest milestone of them all… the pre-launch of the Klaris Clear Ice Machine. This was a month filled with anticipation as we had spent the past year fine-tuning every detail, not only ensuring it met not just industry standards but also our towering expectations!

February: First Units Ship

We began shipping the first units of Klaris out to our community. It was a moment that validated years of tireless dedication, late nights, and unmatched commitment. It was truly a team (and family) effort!

March: The Inspired Home Show

Klaris' first in person event showcased the Clear Ice Maker at the Inspired Home Show in Chicago. Chase and Tori got the opportunity to pitch Klaris to hundreds of people including industry experts and ex-Shark Tank success stories like Aaron Krauss of Scrub Daddy.

April: MN CUP

In April, our journey reached a thrilling road as we participated in the MN Cup and later on became semifinalists. This annual event highlights some of the top up and coming start ups in the state and we were proud to be included!

May: Growing the Team

We welcomed Hamdi, Owen and Jackie to our team. Their arrival infused fresh perspectives here at Klaris and amplified our capabilities from a brand, marketing and an engineering perspective.

June: Our New Digs

After multiple years working out of basements and apartments, Klaris joined the Twin Ignition Startup Garage, establishing its first official "All Things Klaris" space. The move wasn’t just about changing locations for us, it solidified our growth and ambition and offered an environment to create and collaborate as a team.

July: Truffles on the Rocks

July started off with a pop! Truffles on the Rocks (by Jean-Felix), whose YouTube channel with 114K subscribers, featured a video review of our product. The video displayed Klaris' appeal and functionality in the eyes of a tasteful audience. We've continued to work with Jean-Felix as one of our top Klaris Crafters and highly recommend you give him a follow!


August: Meeting our Contract Manufacturer

Due to travel restrictions, we had been working remotely with our contractor manufacturer on scaling up Klaris  In August, we were honored to host Owner and Operator Danielle to an evening out in Minneapolis. It was filled with great food, laughs and a lot of ice maker talk! We are so lucky to have them as manufacturing partners and we look forward to visiting them in person in 2024!

September- Ice Ice Baby

On September 6th, our Founder Chase and his wife Chrissy welcomed their first child, Cecilia Rose Haider. She came into the world rockin' and rollin' and hasn't stopped since!

October: Klaris Crafter Program

In October our strides in the community started to expand with our reach and influence launching the Klaris Crafters Program; Welcoming over 10 new Crafters, these individuals bring diverse perspectives and talents and use Klaris as their right hand to create unmatched content on social media that resonates with their audience.

November: Collins Cube Launch

The Collins Cube Tray product launch was the commitment of our team and isn't just another addition to our lineup but a perfect craft and dedication that our community needed, asked for and we provided. We were able to deliver a product that seamlessly blends functionality with an elegant design and just a taste of what's coming next!

December: A Spectacular Holiday Season

December brought about all the cheer that we needed and gave us the season of spectacular for Klaris. The holiday season became extra magical because we were able to witness the increased engagement, sales and the heartwarming feedback from our community. But it wasn't just about the numbers for us, it was about the shared joy and satisfaction that our products brought to homes and gatherings and made the holidays a little more special.

As the year ended, we were all able to celebrate the achievements we've made so far but also the efforts that propelled us forward. As the last reminder of the year, sign up for our newsletter below to see what we have in store for the new year! Thank you for a wonderful 2023 and we look forward to more adventures together in 2024!

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