The Perfect Ice Maker Doesn't Exi-

It Does Now

Make Cocktail-Worthy Ice

The Perfect Ice Maker Doesn't Exi-

It Does Now

Make Cocktail-Worthy Ice

Hi! I’m Chase, Founder of Klaris

We’ve been on a 4-year journey to revolutionize at-home cocktails so you can make perfectly clear, perfectly shaped ice like a pro. 

The secret is all in the freezing process.

Ready To Make Beautiful Cocktails At Home?

Say goodbye to wasting hours and money on ineffective molds. Get your Klaris today and bring the cocktail lounge experience home. Enjoy pouring your finest bourbon or tequila over perfect cubes and savor every sip.

Elevate My Cocktails

Over 200 5-Star Reviews

"The first four cubes were outstanding! What a wonderful birthday gift from my family. Well done Klaris!"
John W.
"This machine delivers! The ice is the perfect compliment to a great cocktail!"
"I’ve tried all of the other methods for making clear ice at home, and none of them can compete."
"Love this stylish ice maker. I have used the manual clean ice makers for a while, but much prefer the crafklaris."
Timothy S.
"The game changer.. I literally love, love this machine! It elevated my cocktails for sure 😎"
Veronica G.
"I absolutely love my Klaris. I don’t need extra space in my freezer and the cube clarity is absolute perfection!"
Robert M.
"Machine is easy to use and works as promised. Beautiful clear ice! Love it. It has exceeded my expectations."
Craig M.
"I bought this for my boyfriend, and he loves it! It produces the true clear cube that you would get at a 5 star steakhouse."
Cadie T.
"It’s so simple and straightforward how it works. And it just does its job, perfectly each time. I wish I had this years ago."
Midknight M.
"Made a great birthday gift for my husband. Such a fun and easy way to make each drink something special. A conversation starter for sure."
Shannon W.

Meet the Klaris Crafters

"Let me introduce you to my new friend, Klaris"

Jaen-felix Desfosses

(the man behind
Truffles on The Rocks)

Still Unsure?

Does the machine store the ice?

Klaris is not intended to be an indefinite ice storage device. Once the ice has grown to full height, the machine will hold the ice just below freezing for 6 hours. We recommend retrieving your ice within the first 0-3 hours for the best results. The ice can be used immediately or stored in the freezer, preferably with a Klaris storage container to maintain quality. To build up a stash, we recommend running the machine twice per day for a total of 8 – 2" cubes.

Does Klaris use refrigeration?

For cooling, Klaris does not use refrigeration but instead runs on thermoelectric technology. This method avoids the use of hazardous and ozone-depleting refrigerants. Klaris also enables one to create craft ice directly in their home using tap water and electricity avoiding unnecessary emissions and packaging waste from ice delivery.

What is craft ice? Why is it better?

Craft ice is the foundation of any drink, be it an old fashioned, coffee or water. Klaris cubes are a form of craft ice. They are... 

  • Pure - Impurities and air bubbles are eliminated and won’t trap smells/tastes.
  • Slow Melting - less dilution and longer lasting drinks.
  • Clear – looks absolutely stunning in any drink.

Why does the process take so long?

Klaris uses directional freezing to create clarity and eliminate impurities from the cubes. This process traditionally takes 18-36 hours. Klaris is 2-3x faster than other comparable craft ice solutions, producing 4 - 2” cubes in 8-12 hours. Learn more about the technical challenges of creating the perfect cube here.

Is special water needed to make clear ice?

In most cases, tap water is just fine to use with your Klaris clear ice maker. The machine's directional freezing and active agitation are the biggest drivers of clarity.

For the best results, we recommend using distilled water or water with <100ppm of total dissolved solids. Please note that most home water filters are good at removing heavy metals and odors but not minerals. High concentration of minerals can result in cloudiness in your cubes.

Check out our blog for more info on water quality and craft ice.

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