Delay Your Start To Transform Your Ice Game!!

Delay Your Start To Transform Your Ice Game!!

Happy New Year Ice-fiends!! Over here at Klaris, we're excited to jump in the new year with our community and give you guys the tools necessary to prosper in your ice-making adventures. Today we are focusing on our “Delayed Start” feature for the Craft ice machine. This innovative addition is set to transform how you craft your icy masterpieces, offering a different level of flexibility and convenience.

For this concept and for those new to the machine, delayed start works similarly to the energy-saving mode on your typical dishwasher. It allows you to schedule your ice-making process, giving you the opportunity to set the machine to start in 2, 4 or 8 hours. This feature is designed to adapt to your schedule, making ice-making part of your day effortless and efficient for those of us who like to manage our time. With a freeze time of 8 to 12 hours, 6 hours of hold time and a 0-8 hours of flexible start time, one has 24+ hours of ice accessibility ensuring that you're never left without a chilling companion.

We take pride in our commitment to evolving our products based on community feedback. Just like the successful launch of our Collins Cubes, your inputs continuously shape our innovations. Your feedback on the flexibility of the ice-making process has been invaluable in crafting this delayed start feature. Your voice matters and it's instrumental in shaping the future of our products here at Klaris.

Like we said earlier we're not just creating ice; We are creating a process that is seamless, efficient and adaptable as an experience tailored towards your needs. Make sure you try out the delayed start feature and the different settings for your icy pursuits and as always let us know how your journey is going!

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