Now Serving: The Collins Cube

Now Serving: The Collins Cube

As we gear up for the launch of Klaris's latest innovation, the Collins cube tray, we sat down with our Founder and CEO Chase.  He provided some insight on the development process and functionality of the new tray shape, as well as what lies ahead for Klaris.

In conversation with Chase, 

  Q: Why was the Collins cube developed? 

Chase: "Since our launch in January 2023, our passionate community of ice enthusiasts have been asking for other ice shapes to accommodate different craft drinks and glassware. We strongly believe in the foundational role our community plays, the same way we believe in the significance of quality ice in a well-crafted drink. This fueled a 6-month journey to explore fresh shapes, leading us to the Collins cube tray as our second offering, with more coming in 2024." 

  Q: What was the development process like?

Chase: "At first, we started to design a tray that would produce a single large block of ice (4x4x2 inches) intended for users to carve it down. After creating prototypes and getting some feedback from beta testers, we realized that the process of cutting the ice was messy, inconsistent and even unsafe. Flexibility in shape combined with ease of use became the community's priority. This feedback led us towards the creation of the current 3-cavity tray, producing the perfect cut of the desired big cube."


  Q: How does the Collins cube tray work?

Chase: "We built the Collins cube tray to work just like our standard 2” cube tray. To achieve clear ice, inserts must be installed at the bottom of the tray and all bubbles removed from underneath once water is filled to the fill line. There are some small differences to this design/process:

  • The Collins cube tray has three cavities, each with 1 insert, as opposed to the 2-in cube trays which have 4 cavities and 1 insert for every 2 cavities. Make sure to keep track of the inserts while not in use!
  • The machine is designed to grow ice to a height of 2”. With the new tray design, this yields 3, 4x1x2” cubes. To achieve a more symmetrical Collins cube (4x1x1”), the process can be stopped early, only growing to a height of 1".  This process may take some experimentation as the machine and environmental differences may impact timing. When removing the tray and ice after canceling a run, allow time for the tray to thaw from the cold plate and ice to thaw from the tray.

A full tutorial of using the new Collins cube tray can be seen here.

  Q: Where can a Collins cube be used?

Chase: "Collins cubes find their niche in high aspect ratio glassware, making them ideal for craft drinks with significant non-alcoholic mixers. The iconic drink served with this type of cube is the Tom Collins, which we previously wrote about in our blog. Personally, I’m a fan of using it in my Hydroflask water bottle to keep my water chilled all day long."   

  Q: For those of us waiting, when will it be available and are there any other shapes in store?

Chase: "Pre-orders for the Collins cubes trays are open now, with the first batch set to ship by mid-December.  We anticipate that a steady inventory will be available for on-demand shipping starting early 2024. Klaris is aiming to create a clear ice ecosystem and the Collins cube tray is just the beginning for us as we step into 2024."


From the interview with Chase, it's clear that the Collins cube is not merely an addition to the product line; it's a symbol of dedication to perfecting the chill in every sip. The debut of the Collins cubes stands as another testament to Klaris's unwavering commitment to innovation and community-driven design. With each crystal-clear cube, redefining the way to experience craft drinks and elevating the art of mixology to new heights. With our eyes set on the horizon, the journey of ice evolution for Klaris is far from over.

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