Klaris' Journey into Clarity

Klaris' Journey into Clarity

Happy Small Business Week!! To reminisce in how far Klaris has come, we took a drive down memory lane and we'd love for you to come along with us to see how our small business started. As you all know, Klaris was founded by Chase Haider in his basement with a passion for clear ice and drink making… but what did that look like? And where are we now?


Starting as a one-man show, our Founder, Chase Haider, was in Boston this year. Experimenting with different clear ice methods, from using a cooler to complex silicone freezer molds, produced nothing but lukewarm results. Dissatisfied, Chase began dismantling cooler machines and cobbling together parts to create his own clear ice contraption. After a year of tinkering, he had his first prototype. 

The first Klaris prototype


Chase makes the move back to the Twin Cities and now starts operating out of his apartment in Minneapolis. He started taking the initial prototype and prepping it for production. It's been a journey of trial and error, with Chase pulling late nights and solo testing sessions at his makeshift lab at home. With a little patience, he knew that crystal clear ice would eventually become the small business we call Klaris today. 


One of the first successful runs and prototype (the beginning of Klaris' journey)


This year marks the beginning of Klaris hitting the assembly line! Chase kicked things into high gear, working closely with our manufacturer to fine tune every detail. It started with just three units, but before he knew it, they were cranking out five, 10, 25 and eventually 50 Klaris craft machines. Let's just say, the workspace wasn't exactly spacious - we were all about maximizing every inch while working out of cramped quarters. With a little help and a whole lot of determination, Chase powered through as the project’s sole full-time runner.

Final touches, reviews and implementing feedback 


This year, Klaris soared to new heights, with a wave of achievements and milestones. From the exhilarating pre-launch of the Klaris clear ice machine in January to the heartwarming arrival of Chase's daughter, Cecilia Rose in September, the year was packed with unforgettable moments. We expanded our team, welcomed new crafters and launched the Collins Cube tray, all while spreading joy and satisfaction with each product shipped. The move to our new official workspace at the Twin Ignition Startup Garage marked a significant milestone, solidifying our growth and ambition. Throughout the year, Klaris continued to shine, spreading cheer and clarity one ice cube at a time.


Showcases and ice babies, a few of the firsts we had this year

Our Journey Today 

What's the best part of running a small business? 

"There's two sides to it, I have been appreciating the flexibility since my life has gotten so busy these days, especially when you're pouring your heart and soul into something you're passionate about. It's amazing how much joy and fulfillment comes from the hard work and dedication you put in. It's like a rewarding adventure every step of the way, plus, there's something special about connecting with fellow small business enthusiasts and early adopters of the Klaris ice maker. Their support and insights have been invaluable as we keep pushing forward each day."

"It's also been fun to collaborate with other small businesses in the cocktail and spirits industry. People like Smokeshow and Liber & co. were some of our collaborators, being able to connect with them and learn about their story and journey has been pretty special." - Chase 

Our most talented staff member Henley double checking Chase's work

Looking back at these past few years there is a warm feeling in our hearts that can't be melted away. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our friends, family and especially to our incredible community who have supported us every step of the way. From the early days in Chase's basement to our busy days at Klaris headquarters, it's been one heck of a ride. Thank you for believing in this small business, cheering us on and making every ice cube we craft even cooler!!

We have a lot of chilling surprises to look out for this year so stay tuned and If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, don't let this opportunity slip away from below you ❄️❄️


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