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Collins Cube - Tray & Inserts (Gift/Influencer)

Collins Cube - Tray & Inserts (Gift/Influencer)

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The Collins cube tray works with The Clear Ice Maker to produce 3 - 4" x 1" x 2" crystal clear Collins cubes per cycle.

What's in the Box

(1) Collins Cube Tray
(3) Collins Cube Inserts

Shipping, Returns & Warranty


Due to the nature of this pre-order, trays will not ship until early December 2023. We only offer ground shipping at this time. As we increase supply and decrease fulfillment times, we may offer expedited options.

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3 Month Warranty

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Add a New Dimension to Your Klaris

We believe our community is the foundation of our success. You asked for more shapes and we delivered. Introducing our second of many, the Collins Cube Tray by Klaris.

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"The Klaris crew hit another home run! The new Collins tray for the Klaris clear ice maker adds even more value to this amazing product! I can't wait to see what's next."​​

-Steve J

New Shape, Same Process

The Collins Cube Tray works seamlessly with your Klaris machine. Check out the "How to" video below.

See How It Works

Sleek and Slender

Klaris is now serving in a high ball or Tom Collins glass.

Collins Cube Tray FAQ

When will my pre-order ship?

We anticipate the first batch of Collins cube trays will ship out December 11 from our Minnesota warehouse. You will receive an automated message with tracking information when your order is shipped. Trays will be available on demand starting in early 2024.

How Does it Work?

The Collins cube tray works similar to the 2" cube tray. First, fill the tray with water to the fill line. The inserts can be installed before or after water is added. Make sure inserts are flush with the bottom of the tray and no air bubbles are underneath. Start the cycle then return in 8-12 hours for ice harvesting.

When harvesting, allow for the ice to thaw for 1-2 minutes before removing from the tray. Peel the inserts from the cubes and store in a safe place before next use.

What are the flat pieces of plastic at the bottom of the tray?

The flat plastic pieces at the bottom of the tray are called inserts. They are critical to the formation of clear ice. Not using these during the process will lead to cloudy ice on the bottom.

Please be careful with these inserts and store them in a safe place when not in use. Replacement trays and inserts can always be repurchased. If damage occurs within the 3 month warranty period, please reach out to customer service for more information.

Is there a way to make the top face more symmetrical?

To achieve a 1" x 2" x 4" shape, run the ice machine for the entire 8-12 hour cycle. The machine will automatically sense the ice and go into "Ice Ready" mode. 

You may desire a 1" x 1" x 4" for more symmetry in your Collins cube. To achieve, we recommend retrieving the ice around the 4-6 hour mark. This may take some testing to optimize for your particular machine and environment.

To do so, cancel the cycle at the desired time. Note that you will need to allow 5+ minutes for the tray to thaw from the cold plate before removing and an additional 5+ minutes to thaw the cubes from the tray.

Do not restart the ice maker with ice in the tray.

How long does it take to make 3 Collins cubes?

Growing the Collins cube to the full ice height (2") will take the typical freeze time of 8-12 hours. If a partial cube (1" height) is desired, the cycle can be stopped around the 4-6 hour mark.

To do so, cancel the cycle at the desired time. Note that you will need to allow 5+ minutes for the tray to thaw from the cold plate before removing and an additional 5+ minutes to thaw the cubes from the tray.

Do not restart the ice maker with ice in the tray.

Why are the bottom of my cubes consistently cloudy?

Whisps or small inclusions around the edges, faces or corners can occur from run to run appearing on a couple of cubes. Consistently seeing issues on all 3 cubes?

  • Dirty Tray/Insert. Clean with warm water and dish soap before first use and every 5-10 runs after.
  • Water not up to "Fill Line" of tray.
  • Inserts not installed or pushed down all the way. See How It Works video for more info. 
  • Poor water quality (high mineral content) makes it difficult to start the ice growing process. Try different water sources (tap, filtered & bottled, aerated & still). Read more about water quality and clear ice making here
  • Mixer not mixing. If the mixer is not heard ramping up at the start of a run it may be the issue. 
  • Bad tray/insert combination/orientation. Please try changing the orientation between the inserts and tray. 

If all other avenues have been explored and issues persist, please reach out for additional support. 

Is there a storage solution?

Unfortunately, we have not identified/created a storage solution that we feel is adequate in time for launch. We anticipate coming out with a solution in the first half of 2024 so please stay tuned!

In the meantime, we recommend storing the cubes in a plastic Ziploc bag. You can learn more about storage options on our blog.